Runetz - 12-inch Black Neoprene Sleeve Case Cover for The New MacBook 12" with Retina Display and Laptop 12"

_ NEW MACBOOK 12 INCH SLEEVE __ Best Design Neoprene Sleeve for MacBook 12 inch 2017 2016 2015 and other 12-inch Laptop Computers (check measurements)
_ MEASUREMENTS AND SIZES __ EXTERIOR 12" x 8.7" x 0.8" inch and INTERIOR 11.5" x 8" x 0.7" inch. Your most valued MacBook 12 inch deserves no less than the ultimate protection from scratching, scuffing, and dents, a top-quality guarantee provided by the latest in RunetzÕ state-of-the-art product line
_ HIGH-GRADE NEOPRENE BASED SLEEVE __ Made from premium quality Neoprene, the Runetz 12 inch MacBook Sleeve is precision engineered to provide maximum protection for your precious laptop while allowing a snug fit without adding any extra bulk
_ MULTI-FUNCTIONAL SLEEVE POCKET __ More than just your ideal Apple MacBook 12 Sleeve, this Runetz innovation comes with a zipped smart accessory pocket for organization and easy access to your charger, phone, and other accessories
_ PREMIUM-QUALITY MACBOOK SLEEVE 12 INCH __ Manufactured from the finest and highest-quality materials to ensure durability, specially tailored to fit your MacBook 12 inch == Compatible with Model A1534 -- Release 2017 | MNYF2LL/A, MNYK2LL/A, MNYM2LL/A, MNYH2LL/A, MNYG2LL/A, MNYL2LL/A, MNYN2LL/A, MNYJ2LL/A and Release 2016 | MLHA2LL/A, MLHC2LL/A, MMGL2LL/A, MMGM2LL/A, MLHE2LL/A, MLHF2LL/A, MLH72LL/A, MLH82LL/A and Release 2015 | MF855LL/A, MF865LL/A, MK4M2LL/A, MK4N2LL/A, MJY32LL/A, MJY42LL/A