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Have you ever experienced going to the gym and running into an equipment that’s covered with sweat?
Gross, right?
This scenario happens a lot to a gym goer.
Sometimes people forget to wipe their sweat off and sometimes there are just these people who lack gym etiquette.
We definitely want a smooth day at the gym, right?
That’s why it’s very important to bring a gym towel at all times.
When every gym goer has at least a towel with him/her, we can totally avoid running into a sweaty equipment.
But what makes great towel?
Is there a perfect material for gym towels?
We are about to find out!



Microfiber is the newest hit in the fitness world. It’s also one of the most popular materials for gym towels. What’s great about microfiber towels is that they are quick drying! Just hang your towel for a few minutes and you’d find how your towel magically starts to dry. Microfiber towels are also super absorbent. Perfect for the gym and any outdoor activity! What’s also crazy about microfiber is that it resists bacteria, making it more sanitary and hygienic. It’s also perfect for moms who worry about germs and bacteria to which their kids are exposed to. Microfiber is loved by thousands of people. It may be the perfect material for you!



Cotton is the best-known material in the world. It’s also the most used material for towels. Every family must have used cotton towels at least one time in their life. Towels made with cotton are soft and excellent in keeping body warm after a bath. However, cotton towels tend to be heavier and bigger when folded in comparison to microfiber towels. Cotton towels also pick up a lot of dirt when it falls on the ground. Cotton towels are more appropriate for homes than in gyms.



Compared with microfiber and cotton towels, towels made with bamboo fibers tend to be pricey. It’s described to be a “luxurious towel” by many because of its exoticness and expensiveness. What’s the great thing about bamboo fiber towels is that it’s eco-friendly? They are also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Perfect for any outdoor activity! However, bamboo fiber towels are not known to the public. Only a small number of stores offer it. So if there’s a bamboo fiber towel store near you and you would want to invest in it, you can grab one for yourself.

Gym towels are very important for your personal hygiene. Public towels are not advisable to use because you can never be sure if it’s clean. Who knows if public towels are really washed right? So, be sure to have one yourself. Finding the perfect one is making sure you run a day in a gym or any activity smoothly. If you’re into gyms or any outdoor activity, might as well use microfiber towels! It’s proven and tested by millions of users. Check out our microfiber towels available at Amazon and!


Runetz - 2pc Microfiber Towels

Super Absorbent & Quick Drying

This ultra soft, extra absorbent and fast-drying towel from Runetz is an ideal towel for every lifestyle. Whether you like to hit the gym, the mountain trails or you like to wash your own cars. With a set of these Microfiber Towels, you'll never have to worry about wet towels again.

2-pack with Measurements:

Large - (31" X 16") | Small - (23" X 15")



Super Absorbent Microfiber


HIGHLY ABSORBENT: Ultra Soft and Lightweight Microfiber Towel. Can Absorb 3-4 times their weight and dry 10X times faster than regular cotton or terrycloth towels – You don’t need to wash them so often - No more wet towels.

Quick Drying and Lightweight Material

SIZE: Set of 2pc measurements: Large - (31" X 16") & Small - (23" X 15") portable size and ideal for Traveling. Lightweight, ultra compact, and comfortable use: This travel towel packs 4 times smaller than regular terrycloth towel of the same size.

Soft and Non-Sticky Feeling

FAST DRYING: Soft & Gentle to the skin, non-sticky feeling than general microfiber. Soft and hypoallergenic: Extra soft, plush microfiber is super gentle on your face, body, and skin - Slip-resistant hypoallergenic surface makes it a perfect workout towel.

Elastic Hangig Loop/Band

ULTRA COMPACT: for convenient travel and packing to bag. Gently removes oil, dirt and perspiration from hands, face and body to give you the perfect all purpose towel. Elastic Hanging Loop/Band Attached for Easy Folding and Carrying.


Customer Review


By: CJ

"The quality was much better than I expected. Thick and soft and a decent size on both of them."

Great for gym 

By: Lynn

"Use these at the gym instead of bringing a regular towel. Dries super quick and very absorbent. I have long hair and this does a good job taking a bulk of the water out."


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