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When we go out, we can’t help sweating when we come in contact with the sun. This, in turn, may go in the way of our daily activities and errands. If you’ve been in situations like this, I would like to tell you that you are not alone. A lot of people actually problem about how to stay fresh in the heat, how to avoid sweating and how to deal with hot conditions.
Well, the number one best solution to hot weather and sweating is having a great towel. Yes, it still is.
You might have second thoughts like, it’s 2018 don’t we have an alternative for this. Yes, there have been some alternatives like small portable fans or anti-sweat cosmetics. The things you find out sale in online shops and malls. BUT should we stop sweating in the first place?
Sweating is natural. When you’re into being hygienic and healthy, you should let your body let out chemicals in our body. Sweating plays an important role in our bodily functions. It actually maintains body temperature by cooling us down. So don’t stop it, it’s essential.
So if you’re out and the temperature is hot, it’s very important to bring with you a great towel.
Now, you might wonder what makes the perfect towel for you and any outdoor activity.
The perfect towel for you is Runetz towel.
Why? We have plenty of reasons.
Runetz towels are made of high-quality microfibers. As some of you would know, microfibers work great in absorbing liquid and they work well in absorbing organic matters like dirt and oil. Another advantage of microfiber is that it dries faster than cotton and any other materials. Hence, it makes it hard for bacteria to grow in it. What’s also a great thing in using microfiber towels is that it’s super absorbent. Did you know that microfiber towels can absorb seven times its weight in water? Great, right? Microfiber is also made from synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon, which are not treated with chemicals. So when you do not want any chemical being damp in your skin, microfibers are for you! Runetz towels are ultra soft and gentle to the skin. It’s also lightweight, you don’t have to worry about bringing a heavy bag. For easy folding and carrying, Runetz towels also have an elastic hanging loop attached to it. It’s very convenient for travel and it makes a great addition to your outdoor essentials. When you are worried about the sizes, worry no more because Runetz towels are available from small to large. It’s also available in a variety of colors! So if you want to match your towel with your outfit, Runetz is for you! Whether you want to go camping or hiking, this ultracompact towel is perfect to fit in your pack and will take virtually no extra space. Have the best outdoor journey with Runetz towels! - Check out our latest deals at and Amazon!

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