How to Wash your Gym Bag

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We treat our gym bags as the “bag of tools or essentials”. They act as our buddies whenever we are at the gym. Hence, they definitely are essential to our fitness goals. Moreover, we use it for outdoor activities other than gym workouts. With this, our gym bags becomes prone to a family of germs and bacteria. We aren’t just able to notice it.
Have you ever noticed the stinky smell of your gym bag?
Well, that’s the effect of germs and bacteria that are living in it. 
NO need to worry because we’ve got a solution just for you!
Of course, what’s the easy and common way of washing out germs, bacteria, and stinky smell? By washing it out.
1. Take everything out of your gym bag. That includes your socks, your gym clothes, your hygiene stuff and even small items like candies. If there happens to be a removable piece placed on the bottom of your gym bag to make it sturdy, remove it as well. Place all your belongings from the gym bag in a plastic bag. In this way, you can put it all back in after washing your bag. Moreover, won’t lose anything important. If you notice dirt in any of your workout items, clean it also. You don’t want to put dirty items bag in your gym bag.
2. Prepare your bag for washing. Use your hands to brush off loose, exterior dirt and dust. Also, cut away any loose threads or fibers close to the zipping areas.
3. Before washing, take note of the bag’s care labels. If there are more necessary instructions, follow it.
4. Prepare enough lukewarm water to wash out and kill the germs and bacteria living in your gym bag. Take note, the temperature of the water should not be very hot, it must be bearable with our hands. We are not to burn our hands on the process.
5. Wash the gym bag with your hot/warm water and a mild soap. Make sure to wash every area of your gym bag including the small pockets inside or out. 
6. Scrub your bag with a soft brush or rag. A brush will help you clean areas that are particularly dirty, and a rag is suited better for general cleaning the rag.
7. Rinse your bag thoroughly. Rinse out any soap or detergent with lukewarm water to avoid getting a soapy residue.
8. After washing it, let it air dry by placing it on top of a flat surface with a towel underneath. It is not advisable for gym bags to be washed and dried in a washing machine because it may ruin the quality of the product.
9. When it is dried, wipe it down with an antibacterial wipe. Make sure to wipe every part of the bag including the handles, pockets, and bottom.

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