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One must protect his/her exercise gear from bacteria and germs.
You wouldn’t want to deal with a stinky bag, right?
Besides, germs can also cause worse problems like rashes and infections.

The good thing is that we have many solutions to protect your gym bag from germs.

The following are 6 ways to protect your bag from bacteria.

1. Separate your sweaty clothes


Of course, working out means getting sweaty. You should always place it in a protective organizer like a plastic or a laundry stuffer. These organizers can prevent bacteria from spreading to your bag and stuff.


2. Separate your Shoes

Our shoes can be the dirtiest stuff that we have during a workout. It is believed to contain more than 400,000 bacteria! Letting it contaminate other items inside your gym bag will only spread the bacteria. Make sure that your shoes are placed on a protective organizer.


3. Do not dump out your gym bag every time

Of course, we would probably feel exhausted after working out at the gym. This in turn significantly affects our behavior. After coming home, we might think of unpacking our gym stuff in a while. This “in a while” might turn into tomorrow, the next day or even next week! It’s not wise to neglect wet items! Leaving it even for a while can create an environment of molds and bacteria. Always make sure to unpack your things every time you come home to prevent bacteria growth.


4. Protect your toiletries and other hygiene items


You wouldn’t want to spread bacteria in your body, right? You should always make sure that your personal care products like lotion, deodorant and shampoo are not being reached out by bacteria and germs. With this, you should place them in a separate and safe from germs containers.


5. Wash your water bottle regularly


You sure are using a refillable water bottle. That’s great, we totally want a greener environment. Water bottles can also produce an environment of bacteria when it is not washed regularly. To avoid this, you should wash your water bottles with soap or hot water daily. With this, we can avoid the spreading of bacteria and fungus to our drinking water and bottle.


6. Clean your gym bag often!

Of course, how can you best get rid of bacteria and germs living on your gym bag? By cleaning it! The thing is, you don’t need to wash your gym bag daily. You can wash it monthly. When you purchase a gym bag, there’s probably washing instructions indicated on a paper or on the bag’s plastic cover. Follow it. One can keep his/her gym bag for years by taking good care of it.





It is very important for gym bag users to make sure that their gym stuff is clean.


When you want to be fit, you should also want to be clean. Follow these six steps and you’ll feel cleaner than ever!

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